Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Living Healthy

A healthy lifestyle is acheived by a holistic approach. What do we mean by this statement? Simply put, everything that affects our life must be considered in the equation. Our diet, our excercise routine, the vitamins and supplements we take, the control of stress, and our sleeping patterns or lack there of, all contribute to our bodily wellbeing. Our personal hygiene and grooming can also have an effect on our wellbeing, since various diseases and disorders of the skin can arise when the body is not properly cleansed. Sounds like common sense, don't it?
But you might be surprised how many people do nt look at the "whole" picture of the holistic approach. You might have a good diet, but you are stressed to the max. You might take vitamins and supplements, but you are not excercising. You might bath regularly but you are a "hot mess". Review all of the contributing factors to good health, and implement a system to address each. Then you are looking at the whole picture.
Wikipedia is a good source for ideas on healthy living. There are articles on diet, vitamins, and other related topics. Information on cosmetics also includes facts about creams and lotions to improve skin quality. Articles on healthy living abound with great ideas on how to acheive "wellbeing" through the management of stress. Live long, be healthy and beautiful- and take some time to "chill"!! Are you taking an holistic approach to your well-being ?

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