Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays !!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. During this time of year, different faiths celebrate their holidays with age old traditions. Many of us are familiar with mistletoe...hung above doorways. In ages past, mistletoe was used to keep the home free of witches and evilk spirits. But, did you know that drinking mistletoe tea can be good for you ? That's right ! Mistletoe tea is good for your circulation. It can also help with menopausal and period problems. Of course, never drink unprocessed mistletoe tea. It can be fatal !!
However, you can purchase commercially available mistletoe leaves or tea bags. The berries are poisonous. If anyone is familiar with mistletoe tea or other hormonal herbs like maca, I would like you to share your experience with our readers.

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