Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heart Healthy Vitamins

As you might know, February is heart month. It is important to realize that our diets do not always provide us with essential vitamins. Vitamins are necessary for proper cell function, organ function and overall wellness.
Heart vitamins keep our heart healthy and help to prevent cardiovascular disease. Heart vitamins include the following:

folic acid(B9)
B6 and B12
In general, the B vitamin family is good for your heart.
B vitamins can be found in meat.
Vegetarians should take supplements because of
their meatless diets.

Homocysteine , in high levels, can cause artery damage. B vitamins help to reduce homocysteine in the blood. B3 may also help to reduce cholesterol levels. More testing is necessary to establish this fact.
In addition, vitamins C and E help to keep your heart healthy.
These vitamins are antioxidants. There function is to help the body remove free radicals from our systems. Free radicals can cause heart disease, cancer and premature aging. It is important to eat healthy and to take supplements of these vitamins. Our bodies cannot produce vitamin C , unlike our domestic pets, the cats.
Also, minerals are needed for heart health.

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