Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life with Ginkgo !!

Have you tried Ginkgo Biloba yet ? Believe me, until I tried it for myself, I would have never thought that Ginkgo could improve your mental functions. Immediately, I felt "sharper"-and I mean immediately !! Better comprehension and focus , attention to detail, and an overall improved awareness , were apparent to me within hours of taking Ginkgo with my daily vitamin regimen. Try it for yourself !! There is also some evidence to suggest that Gingko improves peripheral circulation in the hands and feet. As always, consult a physician if you are taking medications or have unrelated medical conditions. Interactions with various medications is always a consideration. holistichealth

Monday, September 22, 2008

Is your body wet enough ?

No, not on your skin, but inside of all your body tissues. You know, our bodies are primarily made up of water. And, the functions that water provides for all of our body systems is incredible. Water helps to remove harmful toxins, and provides a natural heat insulating medium for all our metabolic functions. Drink plenty of water. You'll feel a lot better !! Is water taking you down the river of "wellness" ? Is it true that bottled water is "better" than tap water ?