Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cosmetic Beauty

As we have often said, true beauty comes from within. It is not skin deep. It is a radiating healthiness than expresses itself in our outward appearance. However, no one ever said that accentuating our appearance was wrong -did they ? Of course not !! Cosmetics have been used for thousands of years. There are records of cosmetic usage in ancient Egypt. During the Middle Ages, the "white face" look was all the rave !! Unfortunately, the lead poisoning killed many of
the adorners. Nevertheless, the use of cosmetics in it's many forms has helped to flourish a multi-million dollar industry throughout the world. Cosmetics have evolved from adornment to the prevention of skin aging. Prosthetics are now also considered a form of cosmetics.So, why not enhance your natural beauty? Create knockout beauty through living a healthy lifestyle and the proper use of cosmetics.
Then you can be a natural...properly adorned and ready for your public !!

Organic ingredients nourish skin from within. These natural products improve the skin quality. Often, bamboo extract is used in such products because of anti-microbial properties.